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Professional Indemnity Insurance

Feasibility of a new Professional Indemnity Pool

If you’re an individual, company, broker or adviser who needs Professional Indemnity Insurance tell us about your experience, you could help launch a brand new Self-Insurance Pool.

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Did your eyes water at your last PI Insurance Renewal? If you got one, that is.

Picnic is exploring the feasibility of creating a new Self-Insurance Pool to provide an alternative for Professional Indemnity insurance.

Problem with Professional Indemnity Insurance

We’ve heard from many people, companies and brokers, across a wide range of industries, that Professional Indemnity Insurance is TOO EXPENSIVE or just NOT AVAILABLE.

Why we're doing this

Picnic uses the network effects of communities, combined with deep data analysis to create an insurance alternative for customers underserved by the insurance market. Our Self-Insurance Pools enable a cross section of organisations, industries and communities to protect themselves with like-minded others.

The first part of our process is to confirm sufficient demand exists for a new Self-insurance Pool dedicated to solving a challenge customers are experiencing, in this case Professional Indemnity insurance.

We measure the Pulse of the market, the size of the problem and the affect it’s having on customers. Then, we empower those effected to retake control by creating a new Self-Insurance Pool for them to join together for a better alternative to Professional Indemnity Insurance.

What you can do to help

Register your interest and tell us your story by clicking the Show Your Support button, so we know the customer demand is there to launch it.

What we’ll do next

Picnic will then collate this information to confirm if a sufficient customer demand exists for a new Self-Insurance Pool for Professional Indemnity. Once you have submitted your data, we’ll keep you informed of the progress as we go.

How we will use the information

The information you provide will be assessed by our Actuarial Team to confirm viability of a Professional Indemnity Self-Insurance Pool. The data will be anonymised and aggregated and may be shared with our advisers, (re)insurers as part of this process. Please read our Privacy Policy.

And one more thing, invite others

The more customer interest we have, the more likely we’ll be able to create a new Self-Insurance Pool. So please, if you know of others who are experiencing the same pain with their Professional Indemnity insurance.