Roadmap iconPicnic Roadmap

Picnic is seeking to unwind 200 years of corporatized insurance in a deeply regulated market. Here’s our roadmap to creating the world’s first fully licensed blockchain insurer.

Picnic Founded - Nov 2016

A terrible claims experience in 2015, a dearth of innovation in insurance and the opportunity presented by Blockchain for decentralisation sparked a big idea to reinvent full-stack insurance.

Customer Pain Validated - Feb 2017

Pain documented and hypothesis confirmed with 1,000 + detailed surveys, 1 - 1 interviews and test marketing 20,000 Facebook users.

Regulatory Framework Developed - Mar 2017

Legal and regulatory options paper commissioned, allowing Picnic to develop a detailed licensing framework which meets customer’s expectations, regulator’s expectations of a responsible insurer & sets the foundation for decentralised insurance.

Insurance Products Developed - Jun 2017

Designed and developed simple, fair and transparent insurance policies, underwriting methodologies and structures, for Home, Motor and Contents insurance products

UI Prototype Tested - Oct 2017

Developed and tested non-functioning prototypes with potential investors and customers. Resulting in a clear UI/UX path.

Licence Application Commenced - Nov 2017

Formal licence application process commenced for Australian GI insurance licence, informal discussions commenced for UK and European Union licensing.

Initial Smart Contract Tested - Dec 2017

Prototype ERC20-compatible smart contract developed and tested.

Whitelisting Commences - Q3 2018

Whitelisting allows initial supporters to complete KYC, AML and add their wallet address to register for the Pre-sale.

Pre-Sale Commences - Q3 2018

The Pre-sale will operate for 4 weeks. The hard cap for the Pre-sale is set to enable Picnic to conduct a proper global Security Token CrowdSale and to enable continued focus on regulatory licensing and development.

Operations Team Mobilised - Q3 2018

Operations infrastructure and teams recruited, trained and readied for delivering an amazing customer experience.

Technology Developed & Tested - Q4 2018

Picnic’s insurance management systems developed, tested and deployed. A template is ready to be leveraged for multiple international markets expansion.

Licensed and Launched - Q1 2019

The first full-stack insurance license granted to enable consumers around the world to benefit from collective insurance with a conscious.

Rolling & Staggered Market Expansion - 2019

Picnic rolling launches will be based on the community vote and number of pools successfully filled through the Crowd Sale. Launches will be staggered to minimise pressure on operating markets and ensure continuity of amazing customer experience.